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Mental Wellbeing Tools

Psychological tools to help you understand your emotional health and mental wellbeing

  • Well-being Assessments

    These assessments will give you an insight of your well-being

  • Peakmind blogs
    Blogs that will provide research based content on positive psychology
  • Peakmind Message board
    Updates from the world of Psychology
  • Expert’s Insights
    Bite-sized videos that provide expert's insights on positive psychology
  • De-stress sessions
    Different exercises aimed towards reducing stress on a daily basis

Emotional upskilling

E-learning programs aimed towards emotionally upskilling people through research based psychological techniques.

1. Animated videos

2. Pre and post assessments

3. Self-reflective exercises

4. Downloadable worksheets  

5. Discussion forums

Our Program Categories
  • All Programs
  • Programs for Professionals
  • Programs for Students

Designed to help you Flourish!

  • Designed by Experts

    E-learning programs are developed by positive psychology experts

  • Self-paced Programs

    E-learning programs for emotional upskilling

  • Application oriented

    Skills that can be implemented in real life situations for improved mental wellbeing

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